Guanhao is an interaction designer focused on human geographies and digital media‭, ‬leveraged the combination of humanities and technology‭, ‬and committed to exploring the alternative gaze of urban planning‭, ‬social change and the natural environment‭.‬

Parsons School of Design, MFA in Design and Technology, 2022-Present
Taiwan Tech (NTUST), Bachelor of Design, Taiwan 2014-2019
Tongji University, College of Design & Innovation, Exchange, China 2017(Fall Semester)

Professional Experience
Digital Medicine Lab (Design Studio),
Designer, Taiwan 2019-2022
DDG (Brand Consultancy), Design intern, Taiwan July - August 2017 / July - August 2019
Way2creative (Media Company), Writer, Taiwan Piecework
Event & Award
MIT Reality Hack, Boston Jan. 2023
Quantum Design Jam, IBM & The New School, New York Oct. 2022

.Honorable Mention in the Creative Use of Quantum Technology

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