Time, Space and Sound

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This series of self-initiated projects are inspired by the class, Recreating the Past, in the School for Poetic Computation. My mentor, Chiao, encouraged me to explore the possibilities of reinterpreting the artworks from the past.

Time, Space and Sound is a series of self-initiated projects inspired by the class “Recreating the Past” is a collection of digital works made with Processing and p5.js. They are based on three paintings: Joan Miró’s Blue II, Kazimir Malevich’s Suprematism, and Paul Klee’s Castle and Sun. From space to sound to time, we expressed a variety of perspectives through the interpretation of programming.

1. Clock (Castle and Sun by Paul Klee)
From day to night, the color of the castle varies with time, the scene has a more vivid life in the digital world.

2. Your Blue Space (Blue II by Joan Miró)
Blue II is full of imagination, I always wonder what would it look like if it were a galaxy? Do all the black planets spin around the red spaceship? Can everyone build their own Blue IV? or V?
3. Imaginary Musical Instruments (Suprematism by Kazimir Malevich)
The first time I saw Malevich’s work, the sound of various electronic musical instruments was in my head. Those strange base stations floating in the paper consist of many colorful blocks, and they would contact each other through different signals.

Programming as a tool for creative learning
In the process of using Processing and p5.js, I started to review those artworks from the past. It’s impossible to paint on these original works with traditional tools, but you could recreate those cultural legacies with digital approaches. And these paintings will not just be displayed in museums, they can be more valuable on an educational level.

Time, Space and Sound (2021)

Designer/Programmer: Guanhao Zhu