The Magician on the Skywalk

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An interactive exhibition was held by ThinKingDom. This idea was inspired by the comic The Magician on the Skywalk, which is adapted from MingYi Wu's novel The Illusionist on the Skywalk. I designed two videos for interactive installations.

The first work Turnstile is based on the special chapter “Forest, Palace, Bronze Horse, and The Girl in the Portrait”. In the story, the turnstile of the park in childhood was like a time machine. While rotating, it seems to pause time and make good memories last forever. The turnstile has become the major character of the video, which danced with the sentences from the book.

In the early stages, we tried different visual styles and produced interactive methods through Processing. It was expected that sensors would be used to detect the flow of people in front of the work to drive the video. Unfortunately, due to the limits of the showroom, we changed the previous way of interaction to projection.

Stone Lion
Second work is Stone Lion, the key is a significant narrative object in this chapter, the story starts and ends with it. The project leader proposed to use the key as a requirement for driving the interaction. Generally, everyone will definitely carry one or two keys with them, after putting the keys in the box, the computer that has completed machine learning will identify the keys. Eventually, the audience will be able to unlock the video and see the comic picture.

“But I have always believed that after a key is typed out, maybe one day you will find what it should open.”

—— MingYi Wu, The Illusionist on the Skywalk


The Magician on the Skywalk (2019-2020)

Client: ThinKingDom

Design Director: Chiaowei Ho

Designer: Chiaowei Ho, Zhenchi Lai, Guanhao Zhu   

Programmer: Chiaowei Ho (Stone Lion)

Video: Guanhao Zhu, Zhenchi Lai

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