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A bold, vibrant, and contemporary visual identity for a modern marketing agency.

Riverwood was named after the founder's grandfather 溪木, and she commissioned us to extend the VI through the image of the Chinese characters 溪 (river) and 木 (wood).

The river passes through the mountains and the forest, trees stand on the surface, root in the earth, and climb to the sky. These two characters become a symbol of connection and cohesion which is their core value.

What information we would like to convey to our society through visual language?
The relationship between person and corporation is similar to ecology. So do we have a visual language related to nature? After brainstorming, the keyword blood vessels inspired and reminded me that our private parts of the body, palms, are the personal graphics similar to natural patterns.

Technology & Humanities

The experimental spirit of our studio (DML) is to try to combine technology with humanities. Therefore, we get the palm print through scanning from the printer, then the print will be simplified to a unique LOGO through programming. The logo’s lines and shapes can be extended to use in other visual applications. This visual identity as an agency’s vision, from individuals, teams, company, society to the environment, everyone can have their own exclusive symbol, it represents the diverse voices in this planet.

Riverwood (2020)

Client: Riverwood

Design Director: ChiaoWei Ho   

Designer: GuanHao Zhu, YiChun Lan

Content: YaQing Yang, TuanTing Huang

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