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A bold, vibrant, and contemporary visual identity for a modern marketing agency.

Technology + Humanities
Attempting to combine technology with humanity, we scanned our palms to get the prints, then simplified the print to make a unique logo through programming. This visual identity system stands for the agency’s vision. On the scales of individuals, teams, companies, societies, and environments, everyone can have their own exclusive symbol; it represents the diverse voices on this planet.

What information we would like to convey to our society through visual language?
The relationship between person and corporation is similar to ecology. Do we have a visual language related to nature? After brainstorming, the keyword blood vessels inspired and reminded me that our private parts of the body, palms, are the personal graphics similar to natural patterns.


Riverwood (2020)

Client: Riverwood

Design Director: Chiaowei Ho   

Designer: Guanhao Zhu, Yichun Lan

Content: Yaqing Yang, Tuanting Huang

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