Guanhao is an interaction designer focused on human geographies and digital media‭, ‬leveraged the combination of humanities and technology‭, ‬and committed to exploring the alternative gaze of urban planning‭, ‬social change and the natural environment‭.‬

Treasure MapNov. 2022, New York
In this project, I am using Arduino, GPS module, conductive threads, and leather to create a technosocial treasure map. (work in progress) 

Keywords, Materials:
Game Design, Interactive Installation, Arduino IDE, LCD, GPS Module, Conductive Threads, Leather

Designer: Guanhao Zhu
Professor: Ryan Aaen

Game based on Generative ImageryNov. 2022, New York
A frogger game based on generative imagery, inspired by New York City. In this game, you must pass through many obstacles, which are representative elements of the New York Subway. Each time you collide with them, the game will ask you a question I met and attach it with a picture generated by DALL-E. 

Keywords, Materials:
Game Design, AI Image/Text Generator, p5.js(JavaScript), Creative Coding

Designer: Guanhao Zhu
Professor: Ryan Aaen, Xin Xin, Katherine Moriwaki
Instructor: Senyan Luo
Technical Support: Gabriel Lee, Jakob Sitter

Quantum Choreography Oct. 2022, New York
Quantum Design Jam is a one-week workshop held by The New School and IBM. Under the guidance of a physicist, Paul, we aim to explore Gabriel's idea, bridge the notion of Quantum Composer and TouchDesigner, to utilize body movement and strobe light to visualize the concept of superposition. 

Keywords, Materials:
Interactive Installation, Visual Design, Video Editing

Designer: Gabriel Lee, Marshall Wang, Guanhao Zhu
Visual Design: Marshall Wang, Guanhao Zhu
Copywriter: Gabriel Lee, Marshall Wang
Video Editing: Guanhao Zhu
Movement: Xiaoyue Zhang
Technical support: Derrek Chau
Mentor: Paul Kassebaum
Music: Four Tet — Parallel 6

Time, Space and Sound 2021-22, Taiwan
Time, Space and Sound is a series of self-initiated projects inspired by the class Recreating the Past. This is a collection of digital works made with Processing and p5.js. and based on three paintings: Joan Miró’s Blue II, Kazimir Malevich’s Suprematism, and Paul Klee’s Castle and Sun. 

Keywords, Materials:
Processing(Java), p5.js(JavaScript), Creative Coding

Designer: Guanhao Zhu
Mentor: Chiaowei Ho

Pollution Printer
Oct. 2020, Taiwan
The world's first photocopier that can print documents directly linked to air quality data(API). Can there be office equipment or mechanism that visualizes the consequences of our actions and allows us to see the harm we do to the environment?

Keywords, Materials:
Critical Design, Processing(Java), 3D Modeling

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