Rejection Therapy #GPT-3 Model #webdesign
New York, 2023
To myself; To those who are struggling with the endless tunnel of job searching.

Last November, I began searching for summer internship opportunities with the hope of furthering my career path. The truth is, over the past six months, I have only received a few interview invitations, and each rejection letter has chipped away at my confidence. These rejections have engulfed me in a dark space where I can no longer see myself or recognize my efforts. It feels as if I am wasting my time, receiving nothing in return except for rejection letters sent by automated bots.

How can I confront these emotionless words: regret, unfortunately, thanks, hope...? In an attempt to transform my personal experience and failures into a form of therapy, I decided to input all the rejection letters I received to fine-tune the GPT-3 model. This generator now creates fictitious positions and schedules, helping me sever the link between failure and these letters. It also prompts further contemplation about the emotions and the relationship between humans and AI technology.

For me, it feels more alive than both automated mail bots and humans, even it is just randomness.
Credits: Artist: Guanhao Zhu / Instructor: Shirley Leung