Quantum Choreography #interactivedesign #movementcapturing
New York, 2022
Quantum Design Jam is a one-week workshop held by The New School and IBM. Under the guidance of a physicist, Paul, we aim to explore Gabriel's idea, bridge the notion of Quantum Composer and TouchDesigner, to utilize body movement and strobe light to visualize the concept of superposition.

In this event, we won the honorable mention in the creative use of Quantum Technology. As multidisciplinary designers, we are committed to iterating, designing, and exploring the possibilities of emerging tech notions.
Credits: Designer: Gabriel Lee, Marshall Wang, Guanhao Zhu / Visual Design: Marshall Wang, Guanhao Zhu / Copywriter: Gabriel Lee, Marshall Wang / Video Editing: Guanhao Zhu / Movement: Xiaoyue Zhang / Technical support: Derrek Chau / Mentor: Paul Kassebaum / Music: Four Tet — Parallel 6