Pollution Printer

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Pollution Printer(PP), the world's first photocopier that can print Air Quality (AQI), prints documents directly linked to open data on the Internet, so you can know the outdoor air condition, whether you are at home or in the office. Don’t let air pollution become an invisible killer.
Are you worried about your children breathing unclean air? With PP, the invisible air pollution is no longer just a numerical value, which connects environmental issues with urban life.

The Unreal Artifact

Living in the city, people are isolated from nature, staying in cubes made of cement every day. In order to mitigate the impact of climate change, we turn off the lights, reduce the use of plastic, and take public transportation. However, are these measures enough? Can there be a device or mechanism that visualizes the consequences of our actions and allows us to see the harm we do to the environment?

In cities, water is available as soon as the tap is turned on, air-conditioning saves us from worrying about the temperature, humidity and air quality at home. We are becoming more and more accustomed to a de-contextualized life. Naturalist Ian Douglas claims that the city itself can be regarded as ecology, which inputs energy and water, and outputs noise, climate change, sewage, garbage, and air pollution. Among them, invisible air pollution is easily overlooked, and it has already caused dramatic impacts on society when it is discovered.

“When we can turn up the heating to keep out the cold and/or turn on the air-conditioning to keep out the oppressive heat, there is a tendency to see the city as somehow removed and independent from the physical world.”

—— Cities and Nature

The Real World

According to statistics, nearly 7 million people worldwide die each year due to air pollution. Air pollution can easily cause cardiovascular disease and lung cancer. Unfortunately, although air pollution seems to be harmful to everyone, it actually affects developing areas even more. Generally, those areas are lined with factories, the environment in which people live with poor protection facilities and buildings are more likely to be exposed to pollution. In contrast, people working in indoor spaces are less aware of outdoor air quality. Political officials decide on climate change policies in their offices, but few people face this disaster directly, and some even consider it is not a problem, it is just fake news.

Printer as an object to discourse through deisgn

We rely on wearable devices and electronic products to analyze data of our environment and body. Even if we can get outdoor information through sensors, these figures are still intangible. When the barriers between indoor and outdoor are blurred and the separation between civilization and wilderness is no longer, how will our ways of work and attitude towards environmental issues change?

Pollution Printer (2020)

Design director: Chiaowei Ho

Designer: Guanhao Zhu 

Programmer: Chiunhau You︎, Guanhao Zhu

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