Discursive Design

(Traditional Chinese version)

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We aim to bring impactful design books to students and designers in Taiwan. The Taiwan version of Discursive Design is useful for design education, and it helps us to join conversations about critical thinking, design fiction and design practice. Taiwan is an island country, so we must learn how to think globally, act locally, and seek more opportunities to develop our own design mindset.

Knowledge should be affordable.
Through ZecZec, a crowdfunding platform, we can reduce the cost of publishing, and set the price of the book in a sweet spot. In order to promote this book, we did a video but did not design any merch in the fundraising plan. We believe that there are more and different ways to give back, whether it is holding free sharing sessions, workshops or lectures, we are able to do more for society while reducing resource consumption. 

This book has more than 600 pages, introduces nearly 250 cases, and has more than 300 pictures of works. It is not easy to arrange them into a Traditional Chinese version within a year. Fortunately, our plan was supported by many people who are from different backgrounds, and it was funded in the amount of 18,000 dollars in the end. Next, DML studio will continue to publish books related to creative coding, critical, speculative and discursive design. It is a very precious experience to be able to participate in this process.

Discursive Design (Taiwan version, 2021)

Design Director: Chiaowei Ho

Designer: Guanhao Zhu, Tuanting Huang, Yichun Lan

Yiting Tsai, Wanyu Chen

Cover Design: Guanhao Zhu, Yichun Lan

Editorial Design: Tuanting Huang, Guanhao Zhu

Yichun Lan, Yiting Tsai, Wanyu Chen

Video: Guanhao Zhu, Tuanting Huang, Yichun Lan

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