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This project was inspired by Energy Floors. We made a prototype of luminous tiles and hoped to reinterpret the characteristic culture of the “square dance” in China through the objects. Further, we tried to alleviate the negative impacts (space occupation, noise problems) caused by the square dance. We made this social activity more accessible to more people. Our team, CSPACE, learned from the experience of the nightclub culture, committed to combining those two different things and gave the people who have biases against square dance an alternative perspective. My mission is to capture all details of the project and produce a video detailing it.

The Starting Point
UniverCITY is a plan led by the Department of Environmental Design of Tongi University, it took the form of a three-month workshop, under the guidance of the guest professor Daan Roosegaarde, to explore how design can be implemented in life under the concept of sustainability. CSPACE is formed by students from different backgrounds, including industrial design, environment design and visual communication design. We started from the representative social event “Square Dance”, and went deep into the daily life of the residents of Siping community.

Before we truly understood their mentality, we did not make any design proposals lightly. So we joined their chat room, recorded their event location, time, and duration, and danced with them, dived into their routine. After several weeks of discussion and observation, Daan gave us a suggestion:

“The noon sun is quite dazzling, but the sunset is warm and beautiful.”

An Alternative Perspective
Sometimes we just consider something as pollution or a problem in our environment before we comprehensively do research. Those pollution’s essence might be attractive, so we do not need to fix them. All of us love the thought of energy floors installed in Dutch nightclubs, and we decided to use this experience to break the wall between dancers and pedestrians. If the audiences could be users, then they would perform with dancers together, and have a chance to step into their shoes, enjoy the moment.

UniverCITY / CSPACE (2017)

Professors: Daan Roosegaarde, Su Yunsheng

Product Design: Liwen Tsao, Alex Liu    

Visual Design: Guanhao Zhu, Jori Liu, Adele Dai

Video: Guanhao Zhu