Between the Interfaces (work in progress)
#speculativedesign #interactivedesign #creativecoding #machinelearning
New York, 2023

How can urban dashboards/interactions foster and remember ephemeral and performative forms of knowledge in the city? We communicate with our city through dashboards, interfaces, and visual language; these data are ubiquitous metrics for city planning and urban development. In this project, I’m interested in depicting a scenario that shows the alternative interactions for all lives living in this place, shaping a more dynamic, collaborative, and resilient community for society.

I used Runway ML to train my own model for generating images, and used these as inspiration and reference for interactions and worldbuilding. Next, I started sketching possible forms and materials to depict the scenario that is not here, not now.
(Work in progress)
Credits: Artist: Guanhao Zhu / Professors: Anthony Dunne, Fiona Raby / Special thanks: Designed Realities 2023