Always Open!

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“Where to seek superiority?” “How to prove my identity as a city being?” If you have those problems above, come, eat here, rest here, camp here. Do not worry. Do not panic. This is your land with all your wishes. We have all the drinks you like, snacks that remind of your couch, food with a taste of hometown. We are not confined to any time nor space. We multiply, just as you city beings grow. We are modern, stable, and permanent. We exist just for you. So come, come to us, that’s why we exist.

Always Open?
This work is a site-specific installation that reveals the extreme relationship between urban beings and convenience stores. Whenever visiting a foreign place, we are prone to visit all convenience stores in our sights. The latent qualities of urban beings are then at once revealed: we're phototactic insects; we're colonists on patrol.
As colonies of city beings, convenience stores provide endless resources, mundane systematic politics, and heterotopic time and space. The fixed pattern of displaying products and checking out offers a guarantee of familiarity. However chaotic or disorderly the mainstream field is, convenience stores are always, in contrast, eternally perfect and organized. By removing the context of a convenience store, and dislocating it in a field where it'll very much be useless, the visitors might experience an insight of absurdity within the fracture in modern society.

“Our experience of the natural world – whether touring the Canadian Rockies, watching an animal show on TV, or working in our own gardens – is always mediated. It is always shaped by rhetorical constructs like photography, industry, advertising, and aesthetics, as well as by institutions like religion, tourism and education.”

—— Alex Wilson,  Canadian Landscape Architect

Always Open! (2019)

Design Director: Chiaowei Ho    

Designer: Guanhao Zhu, Yichun Lan

Copywriter: Tuanting Huang, Yaqing Yang

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